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This code is designed to provide all Meximerica employees with guidelines for appropriate professional conduct and behavior. Employees are expected to read and understand the code and to attest they have done so on an annual basis. The issues covered by this code are sufficiently important that any lapse in judgment relating to them may be considered serious enough to warrant discipline up to and including dismissal.

As a publishing company providing news and information to our readers, we face a special burden in maintaining integrity and independence. Our very success is bound up with the idea that our readers can trust that the information we provide them is accurate, fairly presented and free of bias. There must be no hidden agendas in any of our journalism. To make sure that this is so, advertising sales and editorial operations will be strictly independent of one another.

The responsibility for upholding this code extends to all Meximerica employees. Integrity is required in every business decision as well as in the news department. Unethical conduct in any part of the organization will reflect badly on our reputation and in our business an unimpeachable reputation is critical.

Any and all information obtained by Meximerica employees, whether in the course of reporting or normal business activities, is the sole property of Meximerica. This information includes news, other information and advertising and the scheduling of the same. No information that is obtained in connection with Meximerica employment can be used for personal gain or can be disclosed privately to anyone until such information has been made available to the public.

Meximerica employees must not use the company’s assets, talents, information, technology, name or influence for their personal benefit or gain except as authorized by and in connection with their employment. Business dealings must be open and honest. To ensure this, Meximerica employees should not offer to customers or prospective customers, or accept from suppliers or prospective suppliers, directly or indirectly, any gift, entertainment or reimbursement of expense of more than nominal value or that exceeds customary courtesies for that time and place, from any individual or institution that seeks to furnish news or information to the company.

Meximerica’s sole business is publishing. Any Meximerica employee that wishes to participate in a business outside of Meximerica, whether on a part or full time basis, must get the written permission of senior management in order to do so. As a publisher, Meximerica will also seek to maintain its complete political independence. The company will not contribute, directly or indirectly, to political campaigns or to political parties or groups seeking to raise money for political parties. All news employees and senior management with any responsibility for news should refrain from partisan political activity. No Meximerica employee should permit his or her affiliation to be used in any outside organization’s material or activities without the express written approval of a member of senior management.
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