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About Rumbo [  Design and Presentation  ]
Rumbo has been designed by Roger Black, one of the world's leading newspaper and magazine designers, the chairman of the US-Mexican firm DaniloBlack and a founder of Meximerica Media. Rumbo has the advantage of being created from scratch, with no historical baggage. Black and staff design director Raúl Braulio Martínez, the former design head of the Editorial Televisa magazine group and of Mexico's award winning El Norte newspaper, are giving Rumbo a warm color scheme and look appealing to Hispanics. In a survey by the Readership Institute of Northwestern University, Hispanics ranked presentation as the most important aspect they looked for in a newspaper.

Rumbo will give readers what repeated polls say they want but no other newspaper gives: a tabloid size newspaper more comfortable to read, with a high story count of short well-edited articles broken up by unique enterprise and service stories with lots of explanatory graphics, and all in color.
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